What is Nano Silver

Nano Silver Water (also known as Colloidal Silver Water) is extremely minute silver particles of 1 to 1000 nano meters (1 nano is 1/1000,000 of a millimeter) suspended in water, with a positive electrical charge. They are not dissolved in water and because of charge they repel each other and remain suspended. The smaller the silver particles, the more effective Nano Silver Water has proven to be. The best Nano Silver Water is produced at the molecular level. Nano Silver water is odor less, has slightly metallic taste and has no known negative reaction to any medication, health problem or diet. It is considered to be a natural antibiotic.

Benefits of Nano Silver Water

As per the researchers, Silver in Nano form has been found to be a powerful antibiotic against 650 pathogens including bacteria, virus, fungi and molds.

It is found that silver creates a parallel immune system and defends the body and against pathogens.

It has been found useful in innumerable problems. It can be ingested, topically applied or used in nebulizer. There are no known side effects of Nano silver till date.

In today’s environment keeping our immune system strong has become a challenge and we are susceptible to attacks of pathogens. Nano Silver can immensely benefit us in this effort. To learn details about how to use Nano Silver Water, various problems for which it has been used by people around the world and what researchers have found , see section “Learn More- Nano Silver”.

There are lot of articles on internet which warn about various side effects of silver. However to the best of our knowledge and actual use, it is not so as far as pure Nano Silver Concerned (not silver compounds) and its use in moderate amounts. There are lots of benefits. You are encouraged to do your own study.