Unique Feature of

Fully Automatic

Only selection of mode is required based on the water and combination being used. The equipment will stop working on its own and give a buzzer sound.

No worry of Power failure

In case of power failure, the process will start automatically when power is restored, to complete the cycle.

Makes a clear solution

SILVERHEAL™ Nano Silver Water will just look like water or slightly yellowish.

Makes solution of required ppm

Every time makes a solution with required concentration of 10-15 ppm.

Electrode Self Cleaning Technology

Patented design leads to Low wastage of silver and with lower particle size.

No need to do stirring

No stirring of water is required during the process.

No need to do filtering

Few particles which are released from silver wires primarily when equipment is taken out from the top of jar, they settle down to the bottom. NSW (Nano Silver Water) can be taken out mostly without filtering.

No need to add anything

Do not add anything, such as salts.

No need to heat water

Water at room temperature is okay. Only if the water is very cold (below 20 deg C), warming up water is required.

NSW at extremely low cost

Silver Wires will last for making more than 500 liters of Nano Silver Water (NSW). Nothing else is consumed and equipment will last for years.