How to make Nano Silver Water at Home

It is very easy for anyone to make Nano Silver water at Home.

For making Nano Silver Water pure water is needed. For this only Steam Distilled Water or Reagent Grade distilled water can be used.

SilverHeal has four modes, mode 1 and 3 are meant for Reagent Grade Water and Steam Distilled Water. Mode 2 and 4 allow making the Nano Silver Water in much lower time.

Fill up the jar provided, select relevant mode as per water used and press the Process button.

That’s it, when water is ready equipment informs you.

Reagent Grade Water: It is available with Laboratory chemical suppliers easily.

We have also partnered with Reagent Grade Water manufacturers so that you can get the water at home. All details are provided with the product.

Steam Distilled water : By an Steam Water Distiller, which is available online and make Steam Distilled water at home. It is very easy.